Umbrella House

1953 - Paul Rudolph

An iconic example of Sarasota Modern, the Umbrella House has been described by Architectural Digest as "One of the most remarkable houses in the mid-twentyth century." Designed by Paul Rudolph and commissioned by Lido Shores developer Philip Hiss as a spec house to gain publicity.

Designed with the energy of  a new American era, the Umbrella House utilized, qualities of a modernist that hold true today. Simplicity, function, responsive to the environment, making use of natural lighting and prevailing winds (few homes were air conditioned at this time) to enhance the structure and the quality of life for those that dwell in it.

The home has been restored  but a major component of the original design is missing. The original Umbrella house's clean lines and walls of glass that faced a partially enclosed swimming pool. the "Umbrella" shaded the home and pool deck, keeping things cool from the hot Florida sun but did not interfere with the sweeping views provided by two stories of floor to ceiling glass. The shape of the pool is cut out from the "Umbrella" allowing the sun to spill into the pool and creating a beautiful visual effect of echoing the blue swimming pool, with the azure Florida sky.

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