Sarasota High School Addition

1960 - Paul Rudolph

In sharp contrast to the original 1927 Collegiate Gothic design of Sarasota High School, the 1960 addition that was part of Philip Hiss's modern design school construction campaign.

Again Hiss chose Paul Rudolph for design of the expansion for the school. The addition illustrates a change in artistic styles Rudolph was experiencing. The design differs from earlier work that made extensive use of glass, to a style that strong geometric shapes a expressed with poured concrete construction methods. The overall effect is not as earlier designs, transparency and lighting bu tin sculpture and form. As in Rudolph's Riverview High School design, the large scale of the building allows for strong use of rhythm in the design.

One can speculate that the increasing popularity of central air conditioning during the later mid century, in the United States also influenced architectural design practices, allowing for less emphasis on natural airflow and bolder more sculptural designs.

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