Sarasota Modern

Sarasota School Of Architecture

The Sarasota School of Architecture was perhaps an embodiment of a new energy of innovation and design that was occurring in America after the close of WWII. The United States was beginning an era of unprecedented prosperity and anything seemed possible. While modern design trends were occurring in other locations around the world, there were concepts developed and realized in the Sarasota School of Architecture that made the movement both unique and influencing to architects and designers of the past and the present.

Pioneering designers were already experimenting with completely new ideas of space and form, but the Sarasota movement brought several elements together in an appealing and lasting way. Of almost more importance than the shape of the structure, the Sarasota School of Architecture, sometimes referred to as Sarasota Modern, incorporated the use of the home site's characteristics making use of, prevailing breezes, sunlight exposures, views and the tropical landscape of Sarasota. Those concepts combined with modern, geometric designs and innovative use of building materials. Many of the iconic Sarasota Modern buildings play with light, air movement and blurring the line between the outdoors and indoors. Nothing accents a strikingly simple form, like lush tropical landscaping and waterfront views adding to the unique appeal of many of these homes. The spirit of innovation and experimentation was another essential ingredient to the Sarasota School of Architecture. This concept has resulted in a legacy that continues today with exceptional architects such as Guy Peterson and Carl Abbott.

The structures designed and built with the principles of the Sarasota School of Architecture continue to enhance our area with a timeless international elegance that showcases creativity and innovation.

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