Murray Realty finds a new home!

Murray Realty Finds A New Home!

Murray Realty finds a new home!

We are very excited to announce that Murray Homes and Murray Realty are moving into a new home in downtown Sarasota! It’s not often that we get the opportunity to become our own clients and practice what we know about real estate on ourselves!

The journey to find the right office space for us turned out to be quite extensive because we soon discovered that there were not many commercial locations that fulfilled our basic requirements. Along the way, we were tempted to jump into a couple of other opportunities which had great plus points, like oodles of space, but would have been a gamble in terms of location or cost.

What helped us make the right decisions was sticking to the basic principles of investing in real estate:


Who are your neighbors? How close are the amenities? How easily can customers get to you? What impact can you have on the local community?

With the majority of house hunting being conducted in cyberspace, the reliance on walk-in customers has become less important to the survival of real estate companies, but we still wanted to be accessible to local and seasonal residents. So we are very pleased that we found a place in downtown Sarasota on Osprey Ave, just south of Main Street.

Primary goal achieved!

No. 2 – USE

How do you like to live or work? How much space do you need? Who will use it and how often?

The office is a well known, slightly odd looking structure built in the 1950s by Sarasota School of Architecture icon, Victor Lundy. It’s all glass, concrete and angles. As you can see from the pictures, it is in need of some TLC. But the space suits us, and Steve and the Murray Homes team are going to work their magic and transform it into a unique, dual-purpose work environment that reflects the style, vision and personality of both Murray Realty and Murray Homes.

We think we can pull it off!

No. 3 – PRICE

What can you afford? Is it priced fairly? Are you getting value for money?

It’s never easy to juggle budget with aspiration. It seems to be our nature to be invariably attracted to the places that costs the most. We had to curb our enthusiasm in a couple of instances and remind ourselves of economic reality.

Biding our time and applying our well-honed negotiation skills turned out to be right thing to do.

We got what we wanted!


Does it look good? Does it feel right? Do you get excited when you contemplate the possibilities of the place? Are you already arranging the furniture/pots & pans/cats?

Ultimately, this principle is the most important. You want to inhabit a space that fits you and your life or work style. If it feels right, it usually is.

We are really excited about our new pad – can’t wait for you to see it!

New Office

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