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New Buildings In A New Economy

Interior of Sarasota Waterfront Luxury Home Built By Murray Home Inc.As a builder of luxury waterfront houses - $1 million and up – I have pretty savvy clients. They’re not only interested maximizing their living pleasure, they also think of their home as an investment. Many of them come to me saying, “We want it for us, but we also want it to make commercial sense, so where is the market going to be in three year’s time?”
Whilst I don’t have all the answers, I do think that houses are becoming smaller; The 6,000 square foot home is now 4,500 square foot.

Many Realtors and builders have commented on this change in perspective, but what does this 20% reduction in living area actually mean? How does it affect livability? Does it really mean making do with less?

Modern Florida Kitcchen Design Built By Murray HomesIn certain ways, it means actual downsizing. The big homes used to have two dining rooms, a formal one which gets used only at Thanksgiving and Christmas, and a smaller table perched in the corner of the kitchen where people... full post

Murray Realty Finds A New Home!

Murray Realty finds a new home!

We are very excited to announce that Murray Homes and Murray Realty are moving into a new home in downtown Sarasota! It’s not often that we get the opportunity to become our own clients and practice what we know about real estate on ourselves!

The journey to find the right office space for us turned out to be quite extensive because we soon discovered that there were not many commercial locations that fulfilled our basic requirements. Along the way, we were tempted to jump into a couple of other opportunities which had great plus points, like oodles of space, but would have been a gamble in terms of location or cost.

What helped us make the right decisions was sticking to the basic principles of investing in real estate:


Who are your neighbors? How close are the amenities? How easily can customers get to you? What impact can you have on the local community?

With the majority of house hunting being... full post

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