Victor Lundy

While Victor Lundy certainly participated in the Sarasota School of Architecture, his wide-ranging work went in many directions. Unafraid to experiment with unconventional shapes, Victor Lundy's design legacy has left it's mark all over the Sarasota area. Victory Lundy's bold designs often pushed the envelope of construction techniques.

While some of his designs such as 25 South Osprey are in-line with what many consider the Sarasota Modern look many more of Lundy's works clearly break the mold. Local examples of this are visible in the Sarasota Lutheran Church. Vaulted, sweeping curved roof lines and  a large open space combined with a finished wood ceiling combine for a truly striking design that is both very modern and yet traditional. Lundy's other designs can be seen at the downtown Sarasota post office and the Warm Mineral Springs Hotel.

Lundy's designs were wide ranging with everything from a pneumatic structure at the 1966 World's fair, IBM's headquarters in New Jersey to innovative church designs and family residences.

While Victor Lundy was certainly a part of the Sarasota Modern movement, the unique and organic lines of many of his designs set him apart.

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